Figures outside a Cottage, Ireland

Figures outside a Cottage, Ireland



Francis Danby, A.R.A. (1793-1861)
Figures outside a Cottage, Ireland

Signed lower centre: F. Danby
Watercolour over pencil heightened with touches of bodycolour and stopping out on with original pen and ink border
Image 22 by 33.6 cm., 8 1/2 by 13 1/4 in.

Danby was born in Ireland near Wexford, however, because of the Wexford Rebellion of 1798, a bloody uprising against the British which the Danby family got caught up in, they decided to move to Dublin. This moved enabled Francis to attend the Dublin Society School of Drawing. He exhibited his first painting at the Society of Artists of Ireland in 1813 and the proceeds of its sale, financed Danby and two artist friends, George Petrie (1790-1860) and James Arthur O'Connor (1792-1841) to visit London. Planning to return to Ireland, Danby reached Bristol where he sold some watercolours and decided to remain. The present watercolour, in Danby's early style, depicts an Irish view and dates from 1810-1815.