The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis, Athens


Thomas Hartley Cromek (1809-1873)
The Acropolis, Athens

Watercolour over pencil heightened with gum arabic
13.7 by 24.1cm., 5 ¼ by 9 ½ in.

This shows the Acropolis with the Temple of Zeus Olympios to the left and the monument of Philopappos on a hill in the distance. Cromek visited Athens twice, in the summer of 1834 and again in 1844 when he spent two months drawing its principal monuments.

`I was delighted by everything I saw at Athens: the colour of the buildings being much richer, and less dark than that of the ruins in Rome. As specimens of architecture, they are universally considered perfect. I certainly worked very hard when able, and I am astonished at the number of sketches, large and small which I made in the course of a fortnight or very little more' (Thomas Hartley Cromek,
Reminiscences at Home and Abroad 1812-1855, August 23rd, 1834).

Cromek was born in London, the son of engraver, and was apprenticed to a portrait painter in Wakefield, Yorkshire. He soon became a landscape painter and lived and worked on the continent, and mainly in Rome, from 1831 to 1849. He built up a successful teaching practice there until 1849 when he was forced home by Garibaldi's threatened attack on Rome

The Cheney Family of Badger Hall, Shropshire;
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