bridge house, Ambleside

bridge house, Ambleside



Edward Lear (1812-1888)
The Bridge House, Ambleside, Cumberland

inscribed lower left:
..leside and inscribed with H lower right
Pencil heightened with white on buff paper, with corners cut
21.4 by 15.2cm., 8 ½ by 6 in.

The Bridge House spans Stock Beck in Ambleside and was originally an apple store for Ambleside Hall. It was bought by a group of local residents in 1926 and given to the National Trust.

This is likely to date from the 5
th to 7th October 1836 when Lear was near Ambleside and probably staying in the town. He left Knowsley on the 10th or 12th August and returned there on 30th October and it was this tour which convinced Lear that he should become a landscape painter.